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You already understand the devastating effects of substance addiction on your entire life. You realize how it affects those you love and who love you, and how much it takes away from your quality of life. You are committed to turning your life around and may have already begun a rehabilitation program. Sometimes, though, there are underlying causes that need to be addressed or the addiction can easily return. These underlying causes are often best explored and resolved with counseling.

Finding Freedom through Addiction Counseling

Group therapy has many benefits and is often a vital part of the recovery process. The value of having the support and accountability of others with similar struggles and goals cannot be understated. But the truth is that the chances for sustainable recovery increase greatly when group therapy is supplemented with individual counseling.

The Benefits of Individual Addiction Counseling

Individual counseling is available in both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. Consider these benefits for your recovery:

Maintain Privacy

You may not feel ready to talk about the addiction in front of several other people in a group setting. With individual counseling, only your counselor is present, and you can discuss your experiences in private.

Personalized Treatment

Your counselor will know you and the ins and outs of your recovery process. They will assess your motivations, harmful beliefs, and behaviors. They will also help you better understand the harmful effects of the addiction, and the benefit and cost of recovery. He or she will customize your treatment to best suit your needs and stay with you as you walk along the path of sobriety.

Set Attainable Goals

You will work closely with your counselor to set meaningful and attainable goals. You will learn coping techniques, how to manage emotions while sober, and work on building a social support system. Your counselor will also work with you to help achieve your goals.

Get to the Root Cause

Individuals with substance addiction often have other traumas and events from the past that fuel the addiction. Without digging in to these underlying causes, the addiction will likely resurface. Your counselor will guide you through processing these causes, healing, and freedom from the past. Take away the root cause, and you remove the motivation to return to the addiction. This is your best bet for sustained recovery and a new lifestyle.

Transition to New Life

Your counselor will determine when you are ready to transition into your recovery lifestyle. The first several weeks and months are critical in determining if your recovery will be complete. For the best chance at long-term sobriety and success in your new lifestyle, continued individual counseling is key.

Ensure Your Success

Your life is worth the cost of breaking the addiction and having freedom. Give yourself the best chance at a complete recovery and consider individual counseling as a part of your treatment. Sober Houston partners with organizations who provide drug and alcohol education, counseling services, rehab and sober living facilities. Contact Us for more information on individual counseling or to learn more about getting started with addiction treatment.