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Addiction is hard to beat, especially if you feel you are alone. The cost of not seeking treatment, however, can be deadly. What if you didn’t have to do it alone? Imagine seeking treatment with others who are struggling with the same things and dedicated to the same goal. You would have support, companionship, and accountability. You would have others who knew what you were going through and could walk with you as you go through it. The fact is you can have all of this in a group therapy setting. Let’s consider the benefits.

Group Therapy and You

Addiction often serves as a means of escape from difficult things in life. Friends and loved ones are shut out to preserve the habit and the spiral downward continues. You may feel you are ready to end the downward spiral and seek treatment, but you feel you are alone. Group therapy may be the answer you are looking for.

No More Isolation

In a group therapy setting, you will have a community of several others to process your recovery with. You will be surrounded with support and have help setting recovery goals and the encouragement you need to achieve them. Instead of feeling isolated, you will feel accepted and supported. It is especially effective when combined with other recovery programs such as drug rehab and individual counseling.

Learn Together

You will also have the opportunity to learn from the experience of others and help others by sharing your experience. People process things in different ways and have different points of view. Sometimes, all you need is to hear your situation from someone else’s point of view and the answer becomes clearer.

Have Accountability

You will have accountability within your recovery community to help you stay on the path toward your goals. Your recovery group will facilitate confrontation among the members to acknowledge and overcome denial of substance use and other harmful behaviors. You will ask each other the hard questions with a genuine desire to help each other.

An Environment of Hope

When you see others experiencing success in their journey to recovery, it will give you hope for yours. Success breeds success and builds an environment of hope. As each of you experience even the smallest successes, it will encourage everyone to keep going along the path to recovery. You will celebrate every triumph with each other and hold each other up through the challenges.

A Safe Place

A recovery group will provide you a safe place to break the addiction, maintain sobriety, and achieve complete recovery. Even though you may stumble and fall along the way, you will have help picking yourself back up. You are attempting a complete change of lifestyle – a change in your thinking, behaviors, and well-being. It is no small task. A group therapy setting is a safe place for you to experience sustained recovery, no matter how many times you fall.

Choose Group Therapy, Choose Recovery

Facing addiction alone can leave you feeling isolated and without hope. The truth is you never have to be alone. Get started with addiction treatment by finding a group therapy option that is best for you. Sober Houston partners with organizations who provide drug and alcohol education, counseling services, rehab and sober living facilities. Contact Us for more information or help finding a recovery group for you or a loved one.