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Teenager Girl Worried And Sad Outdoors

Treating teens for substance abuse problems is different than treating adults.  Teens have different patterns of use, different levels of access and availability, and teens have a different using culture than adults do. Moreover, adolescents learn differently and need a program that they can truly engage in and not one that treats them like adults. It is vital that rehabilitation for teenagers be experiential and that it encompass not only refusal skills, but life skills and the emotional coping mechanisms that many teens lack.

Teenagers also lack the independence that most adults have and therefore are dependent on others for transportation, money, structure and discipline and it is important that programs geared to minors recognize that a minor’s substance abuse problems happen within a system and that all elements of that system must participate in the recovery process to ensure the greatest chance of long-term success.

If your teen is struggling with marijuana, alcohol, prescription pills, or any drug, contact us to schedule an assessment appointment with a substance abuse professional who can recommend the appropriate steps to take to help your son or daughter overcome this problem.