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Care Coordination

Drug Addiction Treatment CoordinationCare Coordination

At Sober Houston, we can coordinate care and provide services for adolescents and adults struggling with substance issues.  In addition to coordinating the treatment services for the client, we also work with other individuals and entities that are involved, such as attorneys for clients facing criminal charges as a result of their substance use, the Department of Transportation (DOT), professional licensing boards, and others.

Primary Care Physicians

The main point of contact with the health system for most patients is their family practitioner, primary care physician (PCP), or local health clinic. Screening at the point of primary care can lead to early intervention and greater success in treating clients with substance use disorders.  We can coordinate with the medical doctors involved to make sure that they are involved and helping to monitor the recovery process.


About 50% of patients with alcoholism or other drug abuse have some other co-occurring mental health struggles, such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or bi-polar disorder.  In order to successfully treat an addiction it is imperative that the co-occurring disorder is also being treated. Conversely, in order to successfully treat a mental health problem it is equally imperative that a co-occurring addiction be treated as well.  We work with psychiatrists in order to ensure that this happens.


Often substance issues can result in legal issues as well.  We can also coordinate with attorneys to ensure that there is proper documentation for the treatment being received for presentation in court for any substance-related charges.

Department of Transportation

Those with substance issues working in the maritime, flight, trucking, or pipeline industries, among others, fall under guidelines and protocols of the U.S. Department of Transportation.  We can help navigate these protocols to keep you or your employees working.  Click here for more information.

Professional Licensing Boards

Substance use problems can happen to anyone, including those who are licensed professionals.  We can coordinate with professional licensing boards so that professionals can get the help they need without losing their licenses and, by extension, their careers.


If a substance problem is affecting your work, many employers have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that will work with you on your road to recovery.  We can work with your EAP by providing the information they need and help you stay employed while you tackle your addiction process.