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A Comprehensive Guide of Terms Parents Should Know

Teen drug use is on the rise and teens have come up with countless names for their drugs of choice. It can be difficult to decipher what they are talking about. Sober Houston has compiled this comprehensive list to help parents understand the slang words and acronyms to look for and the dangers of each drug.

Many drugs may have slang names you may be familiar with, but things have changed dramatically since many of us,  were in high school. Designer drugs like Bath Salts and synthetic marijuana have only become widely available in the last several years. Let’s explore the various drugs, slang names and uses.

Marijuana – THC

Marijuana is one of the most common street drugs. Users typically break apart the plant’s flowers and smoke it. A teen would most likely roll it in tobacco paper or use a small pipe, commonly known as a “bowl” or “glass,” or inhale the liquid form of THC through an e-cigarette or vape pen. Users seek the heightened mood, relaxation, and intoxication.

Familiar Slang Terms

Pot, weed, Mary Jane, reefer, hashish, grass, green

Newer Slang Terms

Honey oil, Panama Gold, Home-Grown, Jive, Jamaican, Since, Skunk, Stiva

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana falls into a gray area in the legal system and for years now it was easily obtained at retailers that carry marijuana paraphernalia and even gas some gas stations. When laws were passed banning the chemicals in these products the manufactures would just slightly alter the chemical that was banned therefore making it legal again. There was a recent law passed that provides a blanket ban on all variations of it but these businesses still sell it “under the counter”. Synthetic marijuana consists of legal herbs sprayed or otherwise laced with synthetic cannabinoids and packaged as “potpourri” on the labels. These substances are extremely difficult to detect in urine drug tests.

Slang Terms

K2, Spice, and Fake


Don’t think your teen would ever try meth? According to a study published by CBS News, one in 33 US teens have tried meth. Meth increases confidence, socialization and energy levels. Users are typically talkative, hyperactive and constantly moving. It is typically smoked in a glass pipe, although some forms, such as crystal meth, can be inhaled nasally or injected.

Slang Terms for Meth

Speed, crank, chalk, glass, crystal, ice, fire, hillbilly crack, white cross, tina, tweak. A person on meth is called a tweeker.

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

Similar to methamphetamine, cocaine and crack create physiological arousal. Users experience increased energy, exhilaration and a feeling of well-being. Cocaine is a powder and is typically inhaled nasally, or “snorted”, whereas crack cocaine is smoked.

Slang Terms for Cocaine

Blow, flake, powder, snow, marching powder, Charlie, C, coke, white, sugar, glitter, lady, or a combination of these words and others that play on the drug’s white, powdery appearance. “Coolies” are cigarettes laced with cocaine.

Slang Terms for Crack

Rock, Readyrock, sticks, french fries, freebase, crackers, hard, cheese

MDVP or “Bath Salts”

MDVP is a psychoactive stimulant known to produce effects similar to cocaine and amphetamines. Visually, MDVP is similar to powdered sugar. MDVP can be swallowed, snorted or injected with a needle. Can also cause a hallucinogenic effect and a drug induced psychosis.

Slang Terms for MDVP

Bath Salts, jewelry cleaner, plant food, bath powder, herbal incense or phone screen cleaner


Heroin makes users feel drowsy, warm and content. The powder is typically smoked at first, and then injected as a user becomes more tolerant to the drug. Users commonly combine heroin with other drugs to produce a specific desired effect. Many heroin users first became addicted to opiate medications like Vicodin after surgeries and/or other injuries. Then when they are not able to get more prescriptions or can’t afford them, Heroin becomes a cheaper easy alternative to keep them from going into a painful uncomfortable withdrawal.

Heroin Combinations

A-Bomb: Heroin and marijuana

Speedball or Dynamite: Heroin and cocaine

Bombitas: Heroin and amphetamines

Whiz-bang: Heroin and morphine

Slang Terms for Heroin

Smack, dope, junk, H, mud, skag, brown sugar, black pearl, white stuff, number 2

MDMA or “Ecstasy” or “Molly”

The term Ecstasy is itself slang. The proper term is MDMA. Users experience a deep feeling of euphoria, need to touch and increased energy. It is a pill taken orally, although some inject, snort or smoke it. Ecstasy is often used at raves, clubs, parties and dances. Most commonly referred to as “Molly” now and is used to reference pure MDMA.

Slang Terms for MDMA

Ecstasy, doves, lover’s speed, hug drug, clarity, essence, XTC, X, echoes, E, eccies, Stacy, Molly, ecstasy burgers, disco biscuits.

2C-E, 2C-I and 2C-T-7

These are synthetic psychedelic phenethylamines similar to LSD and ecstasy. They are named after their molecular structure and typically taken orally or nasally.

Slang Terms

Bleach, eternity, infinity


LSD is a hallucinogen that produces distorted images, movements, and other visual effects commonly referred to as a “trip” or “tripping”. It is usually consumed via a small tab of paper placed under the tongue.

Slang Terms for LSD

Tabs, purple haze, acid, boomers, battery acid, doses, yellow sunshines, microdots, dots, window pane, electric kool-aid, pane, sugar cubes, cubes, Elvis, hits, blue cheer


Teens use a number of common household items that release fumes to inhale or “huff” to obtain a temporary high that is comparable to consuming large quantities of alcohol. They are commonly referred to by their chemical or brand names.

Common Household Inhalants

Nail polish remover, canned air, rubber cement, spray paint, paint thinner, felt-tip markers, air freshener, butane, cooking spray, whipped cream cartridges or cans, other pressurized containers.

Slang Terms for Inhalants

Glue, solvent, transmission fluid, night ox, air blasts, boppers, buzz bombs, bullet bolts, hippie crack, laughing gas, moon gas, poor man’s pot, texas shoe shine, toilet water. Users are called sniffers, huffers, baggers or gluey.


Ketamine is a common veterinary anesthetic and analgesic. It creates a dreamlike state or “out of body” experience. It has been used as a date rape drug as well. Ketamine can be consumed via drink, inhaled nasally, smoked in cigarettes or marijuana and other means of consumption.

Slang Terms for Ketamine

Special K, ket, K, vitamin K, cat valium, breakfast cereal, horse tranquilizer, new ecstasy, super heroin

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