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Substance addiction remains a devastating reality for many families. Death by drug overdose is trending upward in every category while 88,000 a year die from alcohol-related causes. Quality of life for those who live with substance addiction continues to deteriorate. There is always hope, however, and a number of different effective solutions for rehabilitation.

The most common option is outpatient rehab. Here’s why:

The Benefits of Outpatient Rehab


At the end of the day, sometimes cost can be a prohibitive factor for inpatient drug rehab. Without the cost of housing, food, and 24-hour care and supervision, an intensive outpatient program is generally much less expensive. You are also more likely to find your insurance company willing to cover the cost of outpatient treatment.

Longer Treatment Duration

Lower cost can make a longer treatment period more doable for many patients. Establishing new habits and allowing your body to go through the transition process takes hard work and time. Studies show longer treatment is generally associated with better recovery results.

Keep Routine Close to Normal

The flexibility of outpatient programs allows you to minimize the impact on your daily living. You can continue your routines and keep up with all responsibilities. Those who count on you will be impacted as little as possible.

Greater Privacy

This flexibility also allows for greater privacy opportunities. You can choose your inner circle of friends and family to keep you accountable while keeping it private from anyone else. Inpatient rehab does not allow for this level of privacy, as you must live on-site 24/7.

Real-world Practice

You have the opportunity to practice coping mechanisms you learn in real-life settings, and this allows for the easiest transition into a recovery lifestyle. Making your recovery a lifestyle is your best chance for sustained recovery.

Stay Connected to Community

You will be able to remain connected to friends, family, and coworkers. Having people around you to support and encourage you on your journey can be a determining factor in your success. You can also find a local support group to join and connect with others who are on your same journey.

Individual Counseling

You will have the opportunity for individual counseling. This one-on-one interaction with a skilled counselor is one of the most effective components of a complete recovery program. Your counselor will know you and be familiar with your progress. They will be able to show you some things you may not be able to see and help you remain on course.

Outpatient Rehab: An Effective Option

While inpatient treatment can be more effective for more severe cases of addiction, an intensive outpatient program is a great option for many people. Whatever solution you choose, the most important determining factor in your successful recovery is inside you. Choose a better life for you and those you love. Choose recovery today. Sober Houston partners with organizations who provide drug and alcohol education, counseling services, rehab and sober living facilities. For more information or help with outpatient addiction treatment for you or a loved one, Contact Us.