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Individual Counseling for Substance-Related Issues

Substance Abuse affects every area of our lives, from family and other interpersonal relationships to our own self-esteem and ability to manage our daily lives. Rehab is the starting point, but often we need to dig a little deeper to get to the causes and conditions of the problem, or we need additional support as we learn to navigate the world of recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous or other 12-Step programs are helpful, but there are issues that are more appropriately discussed with a trained clinician either because of the complexity or sensitivity or the subject, or the need for confidentiality.

Dealing with the Underlying Trauma

Many individuals who develop problems associated with alcohol or other drugs have some underlying trauma. Unless this trauma is effectively addressed with individual counseling, the addiction may be held at bay for a while, but other issues will continue to pop up until ultimately the abstinence fails as well.

Counseling an Effective Tool for Mental Health Challenges

About half of all substance abusers have co-occurring mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, or bi-polarity. Medications are one tool for coping with these challenges, but meds are not the right choice for everyone or they may not completely solve the problem.

Counseling is an effective tool for mental health issues and can be used independently of or in conjunction with medications. The ultimate goal is to develop a happy, healthy, and fully engaged life through whatever means will get us there. Often, individual counseling is the answer.

Individual Counseling can get to the Root of the Addiction

Individual counseling can effectively help to repair damaged relationships, teach coping skills such as stress and anxiety management, and help to explore solutions to new challenges brought on by a recovery-oriented lifestyle.

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