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Most recovering addicts think that abstinence from alcohol or drugs is better or much the same as full recovery from addiction. However, what they may not understand is that there is a huge difference between not consuming a certain drug than not feeling the need to consume it all together.

What are the Drawbacks of Merely Abstaining

Most alcoholics and drug addicts choose abstinence over enrollment into a recovery program, which has certain disadvantages.

  • They stop consuming alcohol or drugs not because they consider it harmful, but because they think that the addiction will create problems.
  • Since they do not enjoy sobriety, they are likely to be flooded by feelings of anger, resentment and frustration.
  • Willpower is not enough to abstain from drugs, the body experiences painful withdrawal symptoms during abstinence which require medical help.
  • There is always a chance of relapse since they can always make the decision of giving up their abstinence regime and get high just once and there is not stopping them thereafter.

The Benefits of Recovery over Abstinence

On the contrary, addicts and alcoholics who choose a rehab along with abstinence not only break free from their substance abuse and addiction cycle, but also develop a more positive outlook towards sobriety and normalcy.

  • In a recovery program, addicts get a chance to learn about the true quality of life and how it can only be enjoyed in complete sobriety.
  • They are encouraged, inspired and motivated and soon, they begin to enjoy their new-found sobriety and the need to get high no longer remains.
  • They are taught healthy ways and natural alternatives to energize themselves each day and how their recovery treatment helps them in maintaining their sobriety.
  • Not only does their will-power and morale get boosted, but they also receive medical attention in case the withdrawal symptoms become too unbearable and painful.
  • At the end of their recovery program, they feel confident about their lack of desire to get high using drugs or consuming alcohol, and thus, the chances of a relapse are considerably less.

Research has proven that addicts who enter a recovery program to treat their substance abuse problem come out with greater chances of recovery and lesser chances of a relapse as compared to simple abstinence. It is essential that recovering addicts understand that it takes much more than just willpower to battle their overpowering addictions. Even though people do abstain and deserve appreciation for their courage, it does not have to be so hard and painful.

Entering a recovery program does not make an addict an outcast, a weakling or a failure. Life is a struggle, and those fighting substance addictions are fighting the hardest of the battles, but they do not need to fight these battles alone. By entering a recovery program, they can make their journey towards alcohol or drug addiction recovery easy and successful.

Getting Help

At Sober Houston, we can help you find a recovery program that is right for your specific situation and lifestyle. Contact us to learn more about the various options available.

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