Sober Living

Sober Living

What is Sober Living?Sober living and Addiction Recovery

Sober living is a home of like-minded men where they can develop the skills necessary to engage in a recovery-oriented lifestyle. It’s a place where sobriety is the norm and the expectation, and where the peer pressure is towards abstinence; rather than drug or alcohol use.

Where Addiction Recovery is the Norm

In these homes, addiction recovery is normalized and the residents support each other in that endeavor. When drug or alcohol use has become problematic, things like responsibility, accountability, time management, social and relationship engagement, and financial and work responsibility all become chaotic. The home is a place where the balance in those areas can become restored.

An Effective Supplement to Recovery Treatment

Sober living is an adjunct to addiction recovery treatment, not a replacement. It is a place where men in recovery, who are often in outpatient treatment programs, can live in a way that supports what they are learning in treatment.

We have two homes for men: one in North Houston, and one in Humble.

Is this Option Right for you?

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