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Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP)

Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP)

Employees of companies that engage in the aviation, pipeline, public transportation,

railroad, ships/vessels, trucking/school bus/tour bus industries are generally

subject to Department of Transportation regulations under 49 CFR Part 40.

Moreover, specific agencies also have their own guidelines they must follow to be

compliant with DOT regulations. When an employee drug screen indicates the

presence of prohibited substances in the employee’s system or when an event

triggers a DOT violation, the employee must seek the services of a qualified

Substance Abuse Professional (S.A.P.). An SAP is a specialist in evaluating substance

use disorders and recommending a course of action to protect the public from the

dangers of impaired transportation workers.

Violations of DOT regulations are serious and the recommendation of the SAP must

be adhered to in order to ensure that an employee may return to duty. It is

especially important to have a treatment center familiar with the DOT/SAP process

and who can provide timely reporting and frequent urine drug screens to document

the employee’s compliance, abstinence, and fitness for return to duty.

Sober Houston partners with treatment providers throughout the Greater Houston

area who specialize in working with Substance Abuse Professionals and their


If you are an employee or employer seeking the assistance of a Substance Abuse

Professional, Sober Houston can refer you to a qualified SAP who can assist you.

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